One thing is for sure — there are many couples and individuals choosing to become parents by using a surrogate mother. And, they have different reasons for doing it, too. We will go over some medical reasons why people resort to a surrogate to help them become a parent.

There are severe health conditions that might prevent you from experiencing the joy of carrying a baby in your belly. Unfortunately, women that suffer from severe medical conditions are not supposed to carry out their pregnancies as it poses too much of a risk for both the mom and the baby.

In fact, women suffering from heart disease, uterine abnormalities, and congenital malformations are the ones that must opt for surrogacy.

Of course, there are some situations where surrogacy is the only way to have a child. Regardless of the reason, surrogacy is a way of allowing people to experience the joy of parenthood. Still, the process is quite costly and it might not be as easy to find a surrogate on your own. However, by working together with one of the surrogacy agencies in San Diego you have better chances of  fulfilling your dream of becoming a parent.

Medical Conditions

1. Infertility

The number one reason for surrogacy is the inability to have children. In fact, if a couple has been having unprotected sex for more than a year, without pregnancy, we might be looking at infertility. So, those who are suspicious of this condition should seek professional advice and undergo necessary examination. In case infertility is confirmed, the doctor will inform you about the possibilities, including surrogacy.

2. Absence of a uterus or vagina

Another reason for surrogacy might be a condition where women are born without a functional uterus, or they no longer have one due to a hysterectomy. In addition to that, there are some cases of congenital absence of the vagina, too. Either way, the possible answer to both of these scenarios is surrogacy.

3. Uterine scarring

For a number of reasons, women may have uterine scarring. Therefore, they aren’t able to carry a baby to term. So, this is another medical reason to go for surrogacy. And, in this case, the majority of women opt for a gestational surrogate.

4. Too much of a risk

Some women suffer from severe health issues that would make pregnancy extremely dangerous. We’re talking about chronic heart disease, diabetes or kidney disease. In addition to that, women that have a medical history of severe preeclampsia and breast cancer are also not suitable for carrying out a pregnancy.

5. A history of complicated pregnancies

Having a history of high-risk pregnancies is another reason to opt for surrogacy. In fact, women that have had complicated pregnancies would risk their and their baby’s life if they were to be pregnant again.

6. A history of miscarriages

Finally, another common medical reason for choosing surrogacy is a history of miscarriages. Given that these women can still produce healthy eggs, they typically go for gestational surrogacy.

All in all, there are numerous medical reasons people choose surrogacy. Giving birth to a child is among the greatest miracles a woman can experience. Sadly, not every woman can have it. But, with surrogacy, everything has changed. Essentially, surrogacy represents a viable option to have one ore more children. With various surrogacy agencies in San Diego you can